Mission Statement

We know that the powers of music and atmosphere increase customer loyalty, spending & a brand's position in the market. We also know that music has the immediate effect to make people happier & enhance every day experiences. The Vibe Project celebrates this by working with spaces & brands in creating more moments of happiness.

About the Founder: Olivia Coleon


Olivia Coleon is a marketing and music professional based out of Bali and Singapore. She specializes in music curation, brand and music partnerships, brand lifestyle and event programming.

While in her 8+ years in the music industry in New York City, Olivia managed and produced partnerships for brands like PUMA, Ray-Ban, Nike, Guinness and American Express. She handled key brand relationships with artists, oversaw marketing campaigns, endorsements and  sponsorships with an innate understanding and approach of connecting brands with their audiences. Olivia covered everything from major festival and event production to strategic thinking and relationship management. She worked at The FADER Inc., Boiler Room TV and Momentum Worldwide before founding The Vibe Project.

Olivia’s cumulative experience has enabled her to develop an acute sense of budding trends, influencers, tastemakers and artists -- and the audience that surrounds them. Her knowledge has given her a unique insight into the lifestyle industry, such that today, she not only anticipates the trends—she has a hand in creating them.

Olivia has traveled to over 50 countries and brings with her a global understanding of today’s millennial culture. With her passion for travel comes an affinity for restaurant and hotel scenes, and a unique vision for what gives that “extra” quality that is so often forgotten. The Vibe Project has brought together her two passions of music and travel to create a new culture of music: one that is experienced through everyday living.