Dominican Treehouse Village

Samana, Dominican Republic

Music Curation

There are few places in the world like the Dominican Treehouse Village (DTHV). In an untouched part of the Caribbean, the DTHV rests in the small fishing village of Samana, Dominican Republic. Guests stay in individual treehouses nestled into the jungle and have access to yoga and spa treatments, a fully stocked bar, a restaurant and a huge lodge to eat, drink and socialize. A night here is at a premium cost - and most guests come from major cities like New York, LA and London. They are looking to be comfortable and given a unique experience very different from their fast-paced city lives.

The DTHV has been open for a few years and is rated very highly on travel sites. But they were missing a sense of unity and atmosphere, especially in the lodge. Their surroundings and accommodation were all great, but the music needed a major revamping.

After spending some time here, The Vibe Project put together morning, afternoon, evening and nighttime mixes that fit what their guests wanted - the feeling of vacation. We put together mixes of reggae, Spanish and Dominican music and some chill wave to create the ultimate atmosphere.

Within weeks, both hotel guests and staff felt a difference and said the atmosphere was "transformed". Check out the #junglevibes of the Dominican Treehouse Village below.

Crazy how something so simple can literally class up a place just like that.
— Austin Owens, Hotel Manager